Sunday, July 7, 2013

An open letter to women everywhere : How to stay classy in a less than classy world.

Seeing as how I now have teenage nieces, I feel compelled to write a letter dedicated to women about how to be a respectable woman. This letter shall include rules and tips. If this letter applies to you I want to say both I'm sorry for bashing you and you're welcome for me giving tips on how to respect yourself and others. I have  teenage nieces who are respectable, classy, not afraid to be themselves, women. I am so proud of who they have become and that our show- off- every- inch of yourself society, our you aren't skinny enough or pretty enough society, our you have to say this or act this way society hasn't changed them or their beautiful minds. Classy doesn't only apply to how you dress.....although, that's a part of it. Being classy is being a generous, compassionate, sophisticated, responsible human being. Emma Grace, Tayler Kathleen, Hannah Joy (who are already teenagers) and to Abby Grace, Claire Noel, Elisabeth Ann, and Surie Jay this letter is because of all you beautiful ladies that I adore so much! Society please take note!
1. Be confident with yourself and be happy with who you are! Your looks, your body, your personality, your intelligent mind, all those things that make!
2. Being confident with yourself and your body does NOT mean wear clothes that look like you aren't wearing any. Ladies, for goodness sakes, please cover yourself up. You *may* think that everyone wants to see all *that*..........WE DON'T and THEY DON'T and HE DOESN'T! And the people that do aren't interested in the beautiful, intelligent, confident, respectable, generous, compassionate you that you are.
3.Retailers: Some of us classy, respectable women would like to wear shorts that don't include our butt hanging out or pulling our shorts down every 2 seconds. Invest in some shorts that don't look like underwear please. I don't want to shop in the old lady section so that I may stay cool this summer.
4. Rules on shorts being too short........If I can literally see your butt cheeks, they are too short. If you have to pull your shorts out of your butt every second, they are too short. This disturbs me that this is even an issue.
5.Choose your words wisely. Something you say can have a major impact on some ones day, life or even heart. Never judge someone you don't know. You have no idea what they have been through or are going through.
6.Never degrade yourself or put yourself down. (This is a hard one for ALL women) No'll learn how to do it eventually.
7.Smile, apologize when you are wrong and talk like a lady. =0)

 To society who is constantly teaching women that they aren't good enough or skinny enough or they need these clothes or to show off this much skin to be society, marketing companies, magazines and ads for being class-less and provocative, what are we teaching our youth? Especially these young girls? SHAME ON YOU.


Your-always-will-adore-you-no-matter-what Auntie♥

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  1. So you don't want to see my butt cheeks either?? I was sure you did ;) I will be blogging a part two later lol