Monday, June 3, 2013

It's not that we are weird, it's just that we have more fun than everyone else.

The other day Caleb asked why our family is so weird. Shane and I looked at each other and laughed. What did we expect our children to be like when we were constantly playing jokes, singing silly songs, teasing and laughing with/at each other? We both said it's more entertaining to be weird. Weird isn't bad. It just means you aren't afraid to be different. Also, it's not that we are WEIRD, It's just that we have more fun than everyone else whilst choosing to be be us.......against the norm....not afraid of what other people think while we sing and dance in the car.....while we make up funny songs at the store......while we have inside jokes that make us crack up.....while we always make funny faces at each other. I'm thankful, oh-so-thankful that each one of you are weird. Weird, hilarious, crazy, silly little minis of your daddy and your momma.  Because each of your little weird personalities just make my day that much brighter! Please always remember to be you.....your silliest little you....and matter what other people think.....or what other people tell you.....being weird is not bad. It's good! Because it's you and that's the silly, crazy, hilarious, weird you that I love so much!